Книги на REFLIST.RU: Экономика. Политика. Право .

Книги на REFLIST.RU: Экономика. Политика. Право .

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Книги на REFLIST.RU : книжная витрина - подборка книг образовательной тематики. Студенту, школьнику, абитуриенту, аспиранту.

Экономика. Политика. Право

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  • Люк Херриотт Дизайн упаковки: Форма и оформление (+CD). На английском языке.
  • Кэтрин Фишел, Билл Гарднер Logoloungе 4. 2000 работ созданных ведущими дизайнерами мира. На английском языке
  • Лиска С. Бизнес-Графика. Книга на английском языке
  • Коллектив авторов Essentials of Investments (+ Pw/ S&P/ St Card)
  • John Daniels, Lee Radebaugh, Daniel Sullivan International Business: Environments and Operations (11th Edition)
  • Shah, (Ed) Public Services Delivery (Public Sector, Governance, and Accountability) (Public Sector, Governance, and Accountability Series)
  • Moreno-Dodson (Ed0 Reducing Poverty on a Global Scale: Learning and Innovating for Development: Findings from the Shanghai Global Learning Initiative
  • World Bank Opportunities and Risks in Central European Finances (European Union Accession)
  • Jean-Francois Arvis, Ronald E. Berenbeim Fighting Corruption in East Asia: Solutions from the Private Sector (Directions in Development)
  • Graeme Wheeler, Frederick Jensen Sound Practice in Government Debt Management
  • Galenson Economy in Transition
  • Monica E. Seeley, Gerard Hargreaves Managing in the Email Office (COMPUTER WEEKLY PROFESSIONAL)
  • Pockell The 101 Greatest Business Principles of All Time
  • Swonk The Passionate Economist: Finding the Power and Humanity Behind the Numbers
  • Slywotzky The Art of Profitability
  • Varian Intermediate Microeconomics. A modern approach
  • Locker Business & Admin Communication
  • Warren Simons, Rose Curtis The resume.com. Guide to Writing Unbeatable Resumes
  • Benjamin Van Vliet, Robert Hendry Modeling Financial Markets. Using Visual Basic.NET and Databases to Create Pricing, Trading, and Risk Management Models + CD
  • David Needle Business in Context: An Introduction to Business and its Environment
  • Ozden, Schiff International Migration, Remittances, and Brain Drain (World Bank Trade and Development Series)
  • Asad Alam, Mamta Murthi, Ruslan Yemtsov Growth, Poverty and Inequality: Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union
  • World Bank Ukraine"s Trade Policy: A Strategy for Integration into Global Trade (World Bank Country Study)
  • Rowes Taxation and Self Assessment
  • Jeff Madura, Roland Fox International Financial Management 8ed (Adaptation) , Madura / Fox
  • Egan J. Marketing Communications 1ed, Egan
  • Shah Public Expenditure Analysis (Public Sector, Governance, and Accountability Series) (Public Sector, Governance, and Accountability Series)
  • Ram Charan Profitable Growth Is Everyone"s Business: 10 Tools You Can Use Monday Morning
  • Paul Allan Schott Reference Guide to Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism
  • Stokes Small Business Management 4th ed.
  • World Bank Miniatlas of Millennium Development Goals: Building a Better World (Miniatlas) (Miniatlas)
  • Ellen Kaye Maximize Your Presentation Skills: How to Speak, Look and Act on Your Way to the Top
  • Susan Horner International Cases in Tourism Management
  • World Bank Doing Business in 2006: Creating Jobs (Doing Business) (Doing Business)
  • Malcolm McDonald, Ian Dunbar Market Segmentation: How to do it, how to profit from it
  • World Bank Miniatlas of Global Development
  • Chris Agar Capital investment & financing a practical guide to financial evaluation
  • Nunberg Ready for Europe: Public Administration Reform and European Accession in Central and Eastern Europe
  • World Bank Getting to Know the World Bank
  • Conway, Desilets Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in Central and Eastern Europe + CD
  • Hoekman, Togan Turkey: Economic Reform and Accession to the European Union (World Bank Trade and Development) (World Bank Trade and Development Series)
  • Aneirin Sion Owen Accounting for Business Studies
  • Peter Isard Globalization and the International Financial System : What"s Wrong and What Can Be Done
  • Lockman Contending Visions of the Middle East
  • Miller/Heiman New Conceptual Selling
  • Frank Reynolds Managing Exports. Navigating the Complex Rules, Controls, Barriers, and Laws
  • Kiyosaki R.T.,Sharon L.,Lechter C.P.A. Rich Dad, Poor Dad (на англ.яз.)
  • Weill, S Real Deal
  • Czinkota M.R., Ronkainen I.A. International Marketing (with InfoTrac), Czinkota
  • Schneider Managing across cultures
  • Ingram Sales Management
  • Christopher Nobes, Robert B Parker Comparative International Accounting (9th Edition)
  • Leonard J. Brooks Business and Professional Ethics for Directors, Executives and Accountants
  • United Nations World Investment Report 2006: FDI From Developing and Transition Economies: Implications For Development (World Investment Report)
  • Walter Nicholson Microeconomic Theory: Basic Principles and Extensions
  • Hisrich R.D., Peters M.P., Shepherd D.A. Enterpreneurship
  • Rue L.W., Byars L.L. Management. Skills and Application
  • Appleyard D.R., Field A.J. Jr., Cobb S.L. International Economics
  • Hilton R.W., Maher M.W. Cost Management. Strategies for Business Decisions + CD
  • Tom Duncan Principles of Advertising & IMC + CD
  • Ball D.A., McCalloch W.M., Frantz P.L., Geringer J.M., Minor M.S. International Business. The Challenge of Global Competition
  • Arens W.F. Contemporary Advertising
  • Charles M.Futrell Fundamentals of Selling. Customers for life through servise + CD
  • Kerin Roger A., Hartley Steven W., Berkowitz Eric N. Marketing + CD
  • Kinicki A., Kreitner R. Organizational Behavior. Key concepts, skills & best practices + CD
  • Applegate L.M., Austin R.D., McFarlan F.W. Corporate information strategy and management. Text and cases
  • Cleland J.K. Business writing for results. How to create a sense of urgency and increase response to all of your business communications
  • Willes J.H. International Business Law. Environments and Transactions
  • Hey J.D. Intermediate Microeconomics
  • Bond R.L. Retail in detail
  • Карл фон Клаузевиц On War. Abridged / О войне
  • Cole Strategic Management
  • World Bank Global Economic Prospects 2006
  • White Writing your MBA Dissertation
  • World Bank World Development Report 2006
  • Blouin International Trade in Health Services and the GATS
  • Broadman From Disintegration to reintegration
  • Helms Access for ALL
  • Bossoutrot Microfinance in Russia
  • Martin, Anderson Agricultural Trade Reform and the Doha Development Agenda
  • Buglear Quantitative Methods for Business Low Priced Edition
  • Miller 5 Path to Persuasion
  • Dubrin Essentials of Management
  • Slocum ISE Management
  • Levin P. Write Great Essays! A guide to reading and essay writing for undergraduates and taught postgraduates
  • Robert C. Pozen The Mutual Fund Business
  • Eric Abrahamson A perfect Mess

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